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AgileLib needs your support

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About AgileLib.Net

Agile excellence requires continuous learning and exploration. Many resources exist to support this journey—but an equal number may hinder it. How do you find what is truly useful? The answer is to ask another agilist.

AgileLib.Net is a library of agile-related resources built by agile practitioners for agile practitioners. This website provides a library of books, blogs, articles, white papers, videos, slide shows, free tools, groups, community forums, and other resources that a change agent may find useful for a deeper understanding of Agile, and for his or her own personal development as an agile practitioner and coach.

Participating agilists maintain personal lists of recommendations, and the visitor can browse these lists, view resources by category or level of experience, or search for specific terms.

The aim of this website is to get you off this website—onto bookseller sites, youtube, twitter, blogs, interactive forums, live meetups and anywhere else where you can learn more about the craft of Agile software development, and its related fields.

Contribute Content

Please contribute to our knowledge base by recommending your favorite agile (or related) resources—your own or others'. As soon as you add your first item a list will be created for you so other agilists can easily see your recommendations. We also encourage you to endorse items that already exist here. These will also be added to your list. The more recommendations a resource gets the more likely it is to be found by others.

To contribute please click the "add item" link at the top of the page or the "Endorse this [item]" link that appears with each existing resource when it is displayed. All contributions will appear immediately, but may be subject to editing and validation.

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While AgileLib.Net seeks to promote free and independent resources we also need to keep this website current and useful. To do this we need support.

We invite Agile-focused organizations who value excellence through community to sponsor this website. In exchange for your support we offer a very targeted audience for your products and services.

For more information on sponsorship, including pricing, please view our sponsorship document or contact us at We offer special rates for non-profits, and will be happy to discuss free promotional notices for worthwhile endeavors.

Become a Patron

You can support this project by making a contribution to offset our running costs. Patrons will have their name and website included in our patrons list for one year, or can choose to remain anonymous.

If you contribute US$100 or more you can request a premium url for your personal page, using your first name or initials. Example:

To contribute, please contact us at Thank you for your consideration.

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